Some things just fill your heart without trying

Vinod Kumar

Baronite since 2010

Sunshine or no shine, every day my morning starts with the cheerful voice of Ramu waking up my son, “Dyan, get up soon, it’s late”. So, who is this Ramu that brings so much joy to my morning daily? He is nobody else but… my cute and naughty African Grey Parrot. He does nothing but talk, talk, talk the moment morning arrives and I can’t stop talking about him. He became a key part of our family when he stepped into my home roughly a year ago. Every morning, I make sure I visit his room, and the moment I enter, he gets all excited flying enthusiastically around me and giving me a welcome I will never get enough of. And I adore how he love to have sunflower seeds, flying around playfully, biting at whatever he sees, and more.

That’s just the beginning of my morning excitement! Another bundle of enthusiasm awaits me the moment I open the main door – my best friend Tuffy is all worked up already – greeting me excitedly, barking playfully, tail wagging, running circles around me, and all. After this happy morning ritual, we take our regular morning walk. I enjoy these moments with Tuffy since it’s so refreshing spending my time with him, playing and working out together. Sometimes, my son joins in the fun and it makes the start of my day more completer and invigorating.

Back home, next I visit my bird room, where I have a great collection of birds – and all of them wait for me eagerly every day for their share of food. I enjoy cleaning their bowls and cage and feeding them vegetables, fruits, seeds, green leaves… And while I am kept busy by the birds, sometimes I can sense someone slowly approaching me, and that someone looks really angry… but he is one of the coolest guy I ever met… Meet my pet Iguana, whom I rescued from a Kite some time back…

I used turmeric powder on the scratches and for two days it was very scared and did not move from its place. I did not know how to take care - what to feed and all. I searched for some insects and finally I got some cockroach and gave it to eat but the Iguana was not touching it, so I started googling about this creature, then I realized it is an Iguana. I studied about its behavior and diet, and gave him green leaves, which he immediately started to eat. I thought of leaving him in some hilly areas, but day by day he became very close to my son, who gave it the name of “TIGER”. Today it is 3.5 feet long and still growing happily…

So, what’s the story here?

Once when I was travelling on my bike to visit my native place, I found a Kite holding a tiny Green creature and flying away, somehow the tiny Green thing fell on me and it went inside my bag that was hanging on my bike’s handle, I quickly stopped and looked inside my bag and I found a cute-face lizard. The lizard was totally scared and breathing heavily, it was wounded with scratches all over its body, so I decided to take him home to take care of the wound.