A cup of Garam ‘Teh’ at Katong, Singapore

Renu Asrani

Baronite since 2017

I remember the 1st time I landed in Singapore, it was a little earlier than dawn. Empty clean roads welcoming me, and the city didn’t feel intimidating, it felt safe and secure. Communicating with the locals like the cab drivers & the hotel staff was surprisingly lot easier as they all spoke English, which was a great relief for a first timer.

The view from my hotel room was such a wonderful sight that I could hardly draw the curtains, it was magical to wake up to such a beautiful view. And this is one of the highlights of my stay at Singapore every single time.

The typical Indian in me is always craving for some Garam chai, and lucky me there is Toast Box, the place which serves an almost close to a desi style chai and guess what they call it “Teh”, a cup of their tea is a sure shot recipe to fight the jet lag.

The work schedule in Singapore feels a lot better due to the time zone difference between India & Singapore, even before my team makes it to office in the morning back in India, I am 2 and half hours ahead of them which helps me delegate all the tasks to the respective teams and get more organized.

Singapore as a city has something for everyone from great shopping experiences for a shopaholic at Orchard road to one-of-a-kind destination with great party vibe “Clarke Quay” and If you are a sea

While I enjoy the Singaporean Fish and the famous Singapore Sling at Clarke Quay for dinner, breakfast for me has to be my all-time favorite Upma. I know, you might raise an eyebrow or even laugh at it but let’s face it I have lived all my life in Bangalore and technically I am a south Indian at heart who needs her fix of piping hot upma and a glass of strong filter coffee I say! Ganesh Udupi – the hidden treasure which is a hop skip jump from our usual hotel at Katong is my go to place, every time!

What amazed me the most in Singapore was how noise free & traffic free the roads are, the travel time from any location is hardly 20mins from any point to any location. And the city is so clean that the air almost feels purified, trust me this is not an exaggeration at any level.

Changi Airport is a place where I spend a lot of time, the airport not only has some of the best brands to shop from but also the décor never seizes to amaze me with its creative display, be it adds or their festive celebration décor. One is bound to take away so much in terms of an experience from this beautiful city with such wonderful people!