Finding the right focus, nature is my master class

Arun Jayapal

Baronite since 2014

Once you decide what you want to learn from your passion, next is finding the teacher. Here I tried to study different photographers and their works, but eventually I ended up learning more from the nature, The best master in every sense.

My passion for wildlife photography started from the childhood fascination for flora and fauna, which is abundant in Kerala. The thrive for nature kept me pushing forward, to travel, to observe, to understand and to study. As part of this I started documenting my experiences with nature. Once I was convinced myself about the path I need to pursue, I keep on clicking my passion.


First chapter in my wildlife photography expeditions, went for the famous teak and sandal woods along with rich fauna. The trip turned out to be the starting inspiration for my passion. Learned the rules and secrets of wild in a hard way, being chased by the lone tusker. Thankfully was able to capture him along with deer, kingfisher and monkeys during the two days of trip.


(Pakshi Kashi of Karnataka, is a bird sanctuary in the Mandya District of the state of Karnataka in India. It is the largest bird sanctuary in the state.) general description

Well, this was a more planned trip. Friends from Karnataka gave some ideas about the place and over that I Studied about the vegetation, best time period to find the birds migrating from Siberia, Latin America and parts of north India for nesting. Once reaching the location, the whole place is overwhelmed with different varieties of birds. Was able to understand more about them and collected data about migrating birds and why we should help government to protect the climate and vegetation of the land.

KABANI RIVER, ( aka Kapila, south eastern part of Nagarhole)

Riding solo is the major thrill factor to all my trips and Kabani was the best destination in that purpose. After couple of experiences I was more pulled to the serene beauty of western Ghats. The main reason for the above was the “BIG CATS”, Yes!!

The safari was planned for four days, with the help and guidance of Wildlife officers and other enthusiasts, the day started at early morning in the safari jeep and was so lucky to spot the footprints of Tiger so early in the day and we understood that it was fresh, which means the tiger is close. Then it was all about patience and precautions.

Searched for hours and finally spotted the tiger, it was a young female playing alone and felt the connection of nature. For our patience and will got blessed again by the mother nature by showing her another special child, “Indian Leopard”. Two of the magnificent species were resting on high tree before the hunt, and chewing on the thick tree barks.

The second and third day was followed by the luck and got to capture the nature of different monkeys, the parenting skills of wild boar and the national bird of Karnataka Indian Roller.


Reaching the location itself was the biggest task, the Whole route was covered with mist and was hard to travel. Manjumala is the village located in Idukki, and took a truck to reach the high peaks, which was difficult for a rider to reach alone. Camping in the forest was the next task, we made basic camping set up and went to search the whole place for any sights of animals. And was hard to see the person next to you in the thick mist. It took two days to understand the climate and the quick weather changes in Manjumala, the wind played a major role in helping us spotting the gang of Indian Bison Which was on the move for the search of food. With the help of drone I understood the exact location and the number of individuals in the bison gang. So far the best day I spent in Manjumala. We got lucky by spotting another herd of deer and Elephants passing towards the hills in search of fresh vegetation of food.

The meadows and hills are more to be explored and the animal behaviour should be studied in detail. Along with the rich habitat of birds which I couldn’t find any, except the more known ones like Common hill Red billed Myna and Greater Coucal.


Glad to be a part in a Project based journey for the conservation of forest and wildlife. Neyyar is the name of the river originating from Agasthyamala in Trivandrum and is the homeland of many varieties of species of plants and animals. Lion safari and alligator reservoir parks the highlights of the place, the Park has its Special Vehicle for the visitors to see the Lions in their habitat and allows us to know more about the nature of the lions. Got the special chance to stay back with the help of Reservoir officers and security and clicked more images on the king of jungle and understood the way of behaviours. The lions in the reservoir are more familiar to human entrance in their territory and got adapted to its situations.